Buff Chick Salad

I couldn’t resist abbreviating this title. I laughed out loud a little bit when I thought it up. I usually try abbreviating most things in my head and then share if its really worth it.  This one just was.

But anyways, as promised here is a buffalo chicken salad recipe that’s soo good and super easy! Justin and I fix it when were short on ideas and time… I think I originally got this recipe from Whole Foods.


• Romaine Lettuce

• Thinly sliced chicken breasts

• Croutons

• Red Hot

• Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing

• Blue Cheese Crumbles

• Celery

Boil the chicken in water until it’s cooked all the way through. Drain it, put it in a bowl and shred it.  Toss chicken with hot sauce until you reach the desired temperature.

Put the amount of chicken on romaine and top with croutons, blue cheese, celery and dressing and eat! :)


2 thoughts on “Buff Chick Salad

  1. HAHAHAH!!! this title cracked me up before i even read your first para para.

    it immediately reminded me of the night you came home from coaching swim team and said “i did the most embarrassing thing tonight.” referring to your reference of fing fings BAHHHAHAHAH! you are too funny. i miss you so much.

    anyway, on to the real topic…i’m loving me some buff chick salad lately as well. as in, i eat it ~3 times/week for dinner…and once for lunch when its served at the cafeteria :)

    but i’ll have to give your version of the recipe a try! thanks for sharing!

    and now ive written a novel and probably don’t need to write my own blog post for several days. ok. goodnight.

  2. I love the abrev in the title. I will never forget when you told us you about using fing fing. My favorite abrev is choc choc chip chip cook cooks. Hope you had a great weekend we sure did miss you!

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