The Week’s End

Hey all!  This past weekend was a fun and busy one!  {well it probably won’t sound that way to some, but we liked it!} I’m going to cram a lot into this post, and leave you hanging on a project and a recipe.  I’ll get to it soon enough but for now here’s the run-down.


Justin and I met friends for dinner, dessert and a couple hours of convo at Brontë Bistro {which you all may remember me raving about  here}. It was awesome.  The tiramisu and the company.  We ordered another dessert but I know better next time to get the tiramisu.  It was d-lish.


We started off by buying our wedding bands {the name of mine means “beautiful life” in Italian! How cool is that?!} and then heading over to my grandparent’s to celebrate family birthdays. They’re wild. My grandparents. Not the birthdays. They are absolutely hysterically funny. They don’t even try to be funny but they just are. I love them dearly.  We then topped off the day at 5:30 service and dinner out with Justin’s parents, my parents and his aunt and cousin.


Hellooo pancakes!  Nice to see you again! {A certain few of you out there know that this is a verrry special treat after I basically gave up pancakes forever.} For those of you who don’t know about this…let’s just say I ate them a little more then I should.  Like every day. Literally. Hey, I couldn’t help it.  I’m on a medicine that makes me want sugar and lots of it but I had to put the breaks on or my Dad would have to roll me down the aisle in July. Anyways, Justin picked me up Sunday morning for a special treat of pancake makin’ and it was awwesome!

We then landed downtown for something I had been hearing much about lately.  It’s called “An Antique Affair” and it happens every second Tuesday of the month.  It’s in an enormous warehouse, filled to the brim with really cool stuff from eras gone by. I know, I’m the worst blogger ever and forgot my camera to take snapshots of some treasures. Next time. Oh yes, there will be a next time because I’ll go back again. There were tons of paintings and even more furniture, jewelry, knives and other boyish things and there were the cutest kitchen linens. It was so neat. I’m really embarrased to say, but I probably got the only two things in the place that were under FIVE years old.  I know its so sad, but I couldn’t pass them up. Next time I promise I’ll get something more “antique”.

But, I did buy these in-good-condition fern botanical prints. I’ll eventually post my project of how I matted and framed these baby’s.  I think they were printed in 2005 but whatever, I still liked them and they’re popular now even though I don’t think they ever go out of style.

And I also found this.

It’s a half-apron from Pomegranate.  It’s by no-means an antique, but it was much cheaper than I would pay from a retailer.  I’ve been wanting to sew an apron and I still might try but the deal was too good to pass up.

After “antiquing”, we hung out with my grandmother at the nursing home and then came home to cook one of our favorite dinners…Buffalo Chicken Salad.

What a wonderful week’s end with wonderful people.

Now off to bed! : )

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