Interior Inspiration: Small but Sassy

First off I want to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Justin!  You’re amazing and deserve a wonderful day dedicated to you and your 24 years– Hope it’s great! I love you! : )

In other news…Justin and I have recently been discussing where on earth (well actually just our house) I am going to put all my craft stuff when I move in in July. Because unlike his hobby equipment, mine definitely can’t go in the garage storage room. Well it probably could, but it would get all grosty and smelly so I’m not doin’ that. And besides that, I would love to have a place to get all my stuff out and be able to leave it without cluttering up the whole house.

I was clueless about what to do until I saw this!

This is definitely a little over the top for me color-wise, but everything else, I love! There is a double door-ed closet that has really ugly sliding mirrors on it in his office and you better believe I’ve got my eye on that prime piece of crafting real estate.

I would probably just paint it the same color as the office {for resale purposes} but amp up the nook with colored accessories, baskets and shelves.  All the desk is in this picture is just two filing cabinets with wood on top. That’s easy enough! And that peg board painted in a super cute color would be perfect for all my ribbons and scissors. My mind is racing with the possibilities!  Now to just find doors that fit…

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