Interior Inspiration: Sunny Sunroom

I would never be brave enough to use that color of yellow on my walls. I don’t even think I could commit to those yellow coffee mugs! But, for this room it’s great! Painting the window panes yellow makes as awesome impact that most people wouldn’t think to do.  It allowed the owner to sneak a little more yellow into the room without it being too much. The ceiling is awesome and makes the room feel even more open and alive than the walls of windows could do alone. And, how about that amazingly comfortable looking sofa?! Those plush cushions and pillows make me want to dive right in!

Speaking of pillows…I’ve been working on a pillow project that I can hopefully finish up over the weekend and reveal sometime next week.  So be sure to stay tuned!

Anyways, what do you all think about the color? Too much? Not enough? Just right? What would you change about this room to make it more comfortable and inviting? I’ll give you a start, I would add floor length drapes in a darker color  or stripes to add a little more drama and to possibly help this room transition easier into winter months!

Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing  weekend!

2 thoughts on “Interior Inspiration: Sunny Sunroom

  1. I definitely agree that the yellow is a bold move, but in the unique event that the walls in the room actually take up less area than the windows, ie a sunroom, it is a very doable “accent” color. I like that in this situation, the yellow doesn’t distract from the purpose of the room, but reinforces it. It’s in essence a sunroom with the feel of sunshine all day/ year round. I’m not sure where I stand on the painted window pains. I wouldn’t say that I dislike them, but they kind of bring to mind a plastic doll house, kind of cheapening it. I think i would have stuck with white panes and long drapes in a lighter color. Maybe a yellow that is nearly white, or a very light blue, maybe mimic the sky underneath the yellow sun color. Nice find Shannon, keep’em coming!!!

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