Wonderful Wednesday: Brontë Bistro

Brontë Bistro is wonderful– Some of you may know it as the Joseph Beth Cafe.  If you have not eaten here, you are surly missing out! I went there last Sunday with Amy and then again this Sunday with Justin.  It’s just that good.

Up until this past weekend I have always gotten the chicken salad croissant. If you love chicken salad, you will love this! It has bacon and cheese, lettuce and tomato all on a tasty croissant. This weekend, however, I was feeling brave {and really hungry} so I got open-face BBQ on texas toast.  It was served with delicious garlic mashed potatoes and carrots. Justin got Alpine Chicken Pasta {which is also really good} and we topped it off with some sort of chocolate spoonful cake. They were out of the two entrees I was going to order, so I landed on what I chose.  However, they get much credit for having a ‘Specials’ menu that changes every month.  We just went on the last day of the month so the pickins were slim.

I always forget about this little gem of a cafe when I’m deciding on a place to eat but I think I will try to visit here much more often because the menu is jam packed with other options I would love to try! You can check out their menu here!

The atmosphere is warm and really relaxing but somehow upbeat at the same time.  I would love to take my computer or a book there and just sit to have coffee and a pastry but I don’t think thats really okay because you have an actual server… After lunch {or breakfast or dinner} it’s so much fun to be able to walk off the meal by milling around the bookstore and gift shop. Yes,  I know I just said “milling”. And yes, I know that is a word only ‘Pappaws’ say, but I couldn’t think of a better word. It’s really a challenge for me to get out of there without buying something other than my food! The cafe and bookstore make for a fun date spot or place to meet a great friend because you can share a meal and  there are technically hours of free entertainment if you just step right over the threshold into the bookstore.

If you haven’t been to the Brontë Bistro at Joseph Beth you should give it a shot.  It’s wonderful!

Image from someone else’s flickr.  Note: this is not the Lexington location.

4 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesday: Brontë Bistro

  1. Kristi and I love this place. We often go there just for the tiramisu (if you haven’t had it yet, you need to go there soon to try it).

    A pro-tip for you: join Joseph Beth’s “Gives Back” program next time you’re around. It costs $25 to join, but they give you a $25 coupon to the cafe as a gift for joining (make sure to use it all at once, they don’t give cash back for partial use). It gives discounts on book purchases and you earn points for every dollar spent in the cafe or the bookstore — eventually leading to gift cards. Plus, they donate money to local non-profits with every purchase you make. Win, win, win.


  2. OK…a second comment with some more info.

    Check out restaurant.com — they often sell “gift coupons” to places like Bronte for 80% off (you can check online for coupon codes). So, you could have a really nice dinner out with friends/family for super cheap.


    Also, I’ve spent time at the cafe just reading — I don’t think it’s an issue. As long as they’re not super-packed, I wouldn’t worry about it. Just make sure to tip your server really well (and let them know beforehand that you’re just there to chill).

  3. Trevor beat me to commenting. ;) Indeed, we love Bronte! Shannon, let’s have a girl date there sometime! ;)

    Tiramisu is killer.

    I have also enjoyed their daily homemade quiches (mmm delectable) and their open faced turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes (if you’re a turkey person).

  4. i agree with everything in this post! i love this place…their cobbler is to die for!! and it’s even better with great company :)

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