Let your Desires Lead you to God

I’ve recently read the book The ME I Want to Be by John Ortberg– It’s working as a companion to the study of Ephesians we’re doing at church.  I could not have read this book at a more critical time when my mind was primed and I was desperate to learn truth. It really opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking— a life-changing way of thinking.  A freedom I have never known.

Ortberg explains, When people enjoy what God has created, his heart is pleased. However, many people think, ” If I want to be spiritual, I have to avoid sin, and the best way to avoid sin would be to just do away with desire all together.”

He goes on to say that God is the author of desire and he wants to satisfy our desires, but because they are corrupted by sin we must let our minds be purified and retrained.

According to Ortberg, there is are four desires that each have a “God-designed foundation in our lives.” The four desire categories are:

• material                       • relational

• achievement               • physical

He encourages readers to honestly assess which category describes us. It was pretty discouraging to learn that my strongest desire is material desire and I felt pretty superficial but Ortberg partly describes this as a love of being surrounded by beauty, design and color and these are not bad things because God created and loves beauty. However, I must realize that this desire can take a sinful turn when it causes me to live in debt, inhibits generosity and creates ongoing dissatisfaction.

When I see beauty and create beauty and have things in my environment that speak to my soul, I can live in the wonderful, life-giving flow of the Spirit by thanking God for beauty and that he is such a good God.  God loves beauty and loves me and therefore wants me to share my gifts and desires with others. He may even give me new and creative ways to share my desires!

How freeing to know that God created me the way I am, with the desires I have, not to suppress them because I think they are bad but to further the Kingdom. God did the same thing for you too. He is good! Explore your desires—what you truly love and let them lead you to God. Be grateful for those things and let the Spirit flow out of you!

{I’m so sorry…Please excuse the terrible photography on all of my posts. I know nothing about cameras and taking pictures so, I promise you I will try to learn for the sake of your eyes!}


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