Interior Inspiration: Rustic and Fresh

Do you ever just see something that makes your heart sing? Or is it that only “visual people” are inspired by seeing? Maybe you are inspired by things you hear or something that you read? If, like me, you are inspired by seeing, maybe it’s by an amazing painting, the colors of autumn leaves, or….beautiful interiors? My heart skips a beat when I walk into a beautiful room or flip through a magazine to see a space where I immediately know I would just “fit”.

I started my college career as an interior design major. I hated it.  Well not really it, just the staircase of the Guggenheim Museum. One of my projects was to build the staircase of the Guggenheim Museum, to scale, out of chipboard, using only pictures from books. Have you seen the stairs? They’re not there. They’re a circular ramp that makes up the entire building’s walls. No thanks. I quit.

image from

Thankfully after the Guggenheim, my passion for interior design didn’t die…If anything it has increased. It’s amazing to think about what kind of effect the space around you has on your mental health, productivity and energy. Whether you realize it or not, you do have a preference about your surroundings. You want them to help you to function and feel comfortable.

I love the ability we have to change and create our surroundings. To make our houses into homes.  To create a place that’s uniquely ours and where we feel at ease. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that these are just our earthly surroundings, that it will all melt away in an instant. But, I do believe that we should create a place for ourselves and families to flourish. A place that stimulates and cultivates community, that makes people feel like they can be themselves. 

Because I peruse a lot of design blogs and magazines I thought I would share with you all each week some delicious spaces that inspire me. Hopefully you will be inspired too. Maybe you will see something you want to re-create or an element that you could use and build off of in your own home.

image from

I am inspired by this space. It’s rustic and fresh. It’s a hodge-podge of pieces and accessories but it’s totally unified by white. It makes me want to throw open those windows, let the breeze sweep in and pour a glass of sweet tea, yet oddly enough, at the same time it makes me want to cozy up by that fire with a cup of coffee and a book. It’s peaceful, it’s comfortable.  I love it all, even the little doll house on the cupboard!

Maybe its too stark for you? Or are you diggin’ that coffee table and cupboard like I am? If this week’s interior inspiration makes you want to run for the hills, what inspires you? Do you care about the space around you or are you content with just using the wallpaper, flooring and furniture the previous homeowner had? What do you need in a space to make you feel “at home”? And no, I’m not looking for the answer of “Home is where the heart is.” Even though I believe that to be true as well.

One thought on “Interior Inspiration: Rustic and Fresh

  1. Trevor + I found that a change of wall color was all we really needed to feel at home once we moved into our new place. Picking colors and watching the transformation of the vibe and mood of each room was fun and rewarding. I’m definitely a color person more than a white person. Also — hanging art and photos of our own on the walls makes it much more “ours.”

    I also really appreciate natural elements in a space — rustic woods like the ones in the picture above, plants to give that greenery and splash of “life,” etc.

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